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*Is it Really Secret? (And maybe “Magic” too?

“We’d been publishing journal articles with our findings for 75 years, but we publish in journals about lifespan developmental research that few people read. The government has invested millions of dollars in the research, so why keep it a secret?”

Dr. Robert Waldinger is Professor at Harvard Medical School, Director of the Grant Study on adult happiness, and Director of the Center for Psychodynamic Therapy and Research at Massachusetts General Hospital.

MindEDU is doing the same with decades of “secret” early childhood deveopment research to give you the greatest wish you have for your child: to be happy and healthy.

“When you see its effect on your child’s behavior, there appears to be magic… but in fact it’s the result of good research done by many dedicated scientists.”

— Dr. Alan Kazdin is a Sterling Professor emeritus and was the director of the Yale Parenting Center and Child Conduct Clinic for 30 years. He was previously President of the American Psychological Association. Dr. Kazdin has approximately 700 publications including 49 books and has appeared on Good Morning America, ABC News, 20/20, the Today Show, CNN, NPR, PBS and the BBC.

How a 35 Year Passion, Two Premature Princesses and a Perfect Storm Created MindEDU and Why it’s Free.

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We are supported by donations. And ultimately as you see the value in our gifts of research, we will offer a certification program for preschool teachers, babysitters, nannies and other caregivers.

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Some of Our Legendary Researchers

Adele Diamond

Dr. Adele Diamon Ph.D

Recognized as one of the 13 most influential neuroscientists. Find out more


Dr. Ross A. Thompson

Dr. Ross A. Thompson

Internationally-recognized authority on Socio-emotional development and currently President of the Board of Directors of Zero to Three.


Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl

Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl

Renowned expert in the area of social and emotional learning (SEL) research.


Dr. Michael Posner

Dr. Michael Posner

For more than fifty years Michael Posner has studied how mental operations, particularly those related to attention, are carried out by neural networks.


Dr. John Medina

NY Times best selling author of ‘Brain Rules’ and ‘Brain Rules for Baby.’


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