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As parents, we are facing a challenge unlike any seen in our lifetimes. Understandably, many parents are keeping their children home, away from playing with children who don’t live with them. So there’s a lot more time together, and added stress. But what if this could be a magical, much less stressful time? An opportunity for your child to learn what they most need to learn in a playful, far less stressful way?

Put Your Mask On First

We are human. It’s unavoidable that we are going to make decisions we regret, lose our tempers, some level of stress is going to occur in our daily experiences. Eastern philosophies deal with life’s challenges by recognizing they are inevitable and adjusting our expectations. So it is with parenting. Here’s the first step and one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself: realize that there is no perfect parent. Let go of the need to be. Take a deep breath and come along for a ride to give you the gifts you need to be the calm, loving parent you want to be for yourself and your children.

Embracing Empathy – The Greatest Gift

Empathy is foundational to raising your child to thrive in even the most chaotic external environments. In this section, you’ll learn about how babies form an understanding of the moral architecture of their universe, why simplistic readings of Darwin’s ideas were misused for over a century, and how you can lead by example in fostering empathy as a life skill in your kids.

Terminating Tantrums, In Days, at most, Weeks

Probably the biggest and most frustrating pain point for parents and caregivers and we will show you how to solve it in days!

And Above All: Play!

The three most important skills that come out of play: Social skills, Executive functions and Creativity. Basically the MOST important skills children need to foster throughout the balance of their lives.

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