Our First Email from MindEDU

It seems appropriate that since this is our first email, we should to take stock of where we came from and where we are.

11/13/14 - Trinity & Naomi grace the world.

11/13/14 – Trinity & Naomi grace the world.

11/08/16 – Discover John Medina, NY Times best-selling author of “Brain Rules,” subsequently wrote “Brain Rules for Baby,” a marvelous translation of some of the best research on child development.

11/20/17 – Looking for preschools for my daughters, realize that in 30 years nothing has changed. Reach out to John Medina to see if there are any “Brain Rules” approved schools. The search begins.

02/01/18 – A health scare and the gift to “Follow my Bliss.” MindEDU is born.

04/10/18 – The first of many Joseph Campbell moments
In a conversation with my good friend Sim Singh where I describe our idea to make the information as widely available as possible by giving the coursework away for free, I discover there’s a multi-billion dollar model based on giving away coursework for free called a MOOC or Massive Online Open Course, pioneered by Sebastian Thrun, founder of Google’s Skunkworks and Udacity. Sim Singh then tells me he’s advising Udacity.

04/25/18 – John Medina becomes the first academic advisor and a friend.

05/06/18 – Ian Bednowitz, MBA, Senior Director of Asia Pacific Business Development for eBay joins.

05/08/18 – Sim Singh -Founder StartupGrowthSecrets, an adviser to Udacity, former GM of Zynga

05/09/18 – Karen Bierman, Ph.D , one of the most highly regarded researchers in social-emotional development and the design of programs.

05/15/18 – “Richard, you’ve tapped into a Huge need.” Harvard conference call. The pinnacle of early childhood development, the Frontiers of Innovation at the Center on the Developing Child, their emphasis.

06/17/18 – Huzefa Kapadia, J.D. Founder, Scalar Learning LLC and producer of the Scalar Learning podcast

06/19/18 – Robert Larzelere, Ph.D. Lead editor of “Authoritative Parenting” where leading scholars update our thinking about Diana Baumrind’s seminal work defining authoritative parenting.

06/27/18 – Adele Diamond, Ph.D., recognized as one of the 15 most influential neuroscientists

07/10/18 – Bradley J. Gersich, J.D. DLA Piper, Partner Co-Chair, Northern California Corporate & Securities Practice

07/25/18 – Almost 50 years ago Diana Baumrind, Ph.D. published “Effects of Authoritative Parental Control on Child Behavior.” Her work is the most respected and subsequently cross-culturally researched description of the most effective parenting style for a child’s optimal outcome. Her work was never codified into a parenting program. MindEDU inspires Dr. Baumrind to approve a team to finally codify her parenting program.

07/31/18 – Jelani Mandara, Ph.D. Recognized for his translational research with respect to Diana Baumrinds’ Authoritative Parenting work

08/03/18 – Kimberly Schonert-Reichl, Ph.D., renowned expert in the area of social and emotional learning research in relation to the identification of the processes and mechanisms.

08/03/18 – Marjorie Lindner Gunnoe, Ph.D. Recognized researcher in parenting and youth development in family contexts.

08/08/18 – Victoria Talwar, Ph.D. a recognized researcher in social-cognitive development and the most respected researcher on lying in children and its relation to the theory of mind.

08/09/18 – Tao Wang, EdD, Teaches Parenting, Culture, and Child development based on Diana Baumrind’s work in the U.S. and has traveled to 91 cities in China educating more than 100,000 Chinese parents since 2008.

08/28/18 – Angela Low, Ph.D. specialist in mobilizing emotional intelligence and child development research to parent and family support practices.

09/05/18 – Ross Thompson, Ph.D. internationally-recognized authority on social-emotional development and currently President of the Board of Directors of Zero to Three.

“When you Follow your Bliss… Doors will open where you didn’t know there were doors.” — Joseph Campbell